Agni Eickermann is the incarnation of Agni, the Lord of Fire.

Agni sees and understands the soul of everyone of us – who we really are, where we come from, our divine origin! And he helps us to remember ourselves, how to reunite with our heavens, how to come home within us again!

Before Agni started his spiritual teachings, he ran his alternative medicine therapy center in Germany, offering acupuncture, TCM, homeopathy, Bach flower therapy ...

For the last twenty years Agni has trained Alpha Chi Consultants, spiritual teachers and leaders of centers of light to accompany people all over the world in this time of transformation from the dark age into a time of divine light and divine consciousness on earth – the Golden Age. 

Agni talk about his workshop "Awakening of your Soul!"

"To most of us, our soul is still a mystery buried deep within our inner self. But as deep is our wish to contact and awaken our inborn qualities to live and fulfill our life tasks. Here is the chance to make it happen. GO FOR IT." Agni

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