Suprabhatham (The good dawn)

The Suprabhatam song prays to Bhagavan (Sri Sathya Sai Baba), in whom is manifest all names and forms through which man has aspired to express his experience of the Divine, to render each new day "Thava Suprabhatam", your good dawn.

Sai is the indwelling "charioteer" of every living conscious being and when the appeal is made to Him to awake to our agony, it is an appeal to one's own consciousness to become aware of His Being one's innermost reality.

The dawn or day-break which the devotee yearns for is the emergence into his awareness of the Sai sun dispelling the darkness of ignorance and the fog of doubt.

There is in every one the "Hrdaya-akasa", the inner sky where the intellect or "Buddhi" is the sun and the mind or "Manas" is the moon. "Hrdayam" means "the cool pool ("Hrd") with Him in it ("ayam"). Who else can He be than Sai? To experience Him, in however slight degree, is indeed the good dawn, the Suprabhatam.

(From "Garland of 108 precious gems", N. Kasturi)

Easwaraamba suthah sreeman

Poorvaa sandhyaaa pravarthathe

Utthishta Sathya Sayeesa

Karthavyam daivam aahnikam

Oh, son of Easwaramba! Oh, resplendent majestic One! Dawn is breaking in the east. The daily tasks of Divinity which You have undertaken have to be accomplished. Therefore, awake, oh, Sathya Sai, Lord!

Utthishthothishtha, Partheesa

Utthishtha Jagatheepathe

Utthishtha, Karunaapoorna

Loka mangala siddhaye

Awake, awake, oh, Lord of Parthi (Puttaparthi where He has manifested Himself and from where His splendour radiates over the entire world). Awake, oh, Lord of the entire world and of all mankind (jagathee). Awake, oh, Lord of compassion! So that the world may attain fortune (mangala).

Chithravathee thata visaala

Susaantha soudhe

Thishthanti sevaka janaah

Thava darsanaartham

Aadithya kaanthiranubhaathi

Samastha lokaan

Sri Sathya Sai Bhagavan

Thava Suprabhaatham

In the vast mansion so full of peace (Prashanthi Nilayam) on the bank of the Chithravathi river those anxious to serve Thee are waiting for Thy Darshan. The radiance of the sun is spreading, illumining the worlds. Oh, Sathya Sai Bhagavan, we pray for a glorius daybreak, blessed by Thy Wakefulness.

Thwannaama keerthana rathaah

Thava divyanaama

Gaayanthi bhakthi rasa paana

Prahrshta chiththaah

Daathum krupaasahitha darsanam

Asu thebhyah

Sri Sathya Sai Bhagavan

Thava Suprabhaatham

Persons who are engaged in singing aloud Thy Name and who are happy when they do so, because then they taste the nectar of devotion, have come. May Thy benign Darshan shower Thy Grace on them. We pray for a glorius daybreak, blessed by Thy Wakefulness.

Aadaaya divya kusumaani



Bhavandanghri moole

Kartum mahothsukathaayaa

Pravisanthi bhakthaah

Sri Sathya Sai Bhagavan

Thava Suprabhaatham

Bringing holy flowers with captivating colours and fragrance for worshipping Thy Feet in the form prescribed by the scriptures. Thy Devotees are coming in with great yearning and enthusiasm. We pray for a glorius daybreak, blessed by Thy Wakefulness.

Desaantharaagatha budhaah

Thava divya moorthim

Sandarsanaabhirathi samyutha

Chiththa vrththyaa

Vedoktha manthra pathanena


Sri Sathya Sai Bhagavan

Thava Suprabhaatham

Learned persons from other countries, moved by the yearning to have Thy Darshan, have come. They are having great delight in reciting constantly the mantras of the Vedas to glorify You. We pray for a glorius daybreak, blessed by Thy Wakefulness.

Sruthvaa thavaadbhutha Charthram

Akhanda keerthim

Vyaaptham diganthara visaala


Jijnaasu lokaupathishtathi

Cha aasramesmin

Sri Sathya Sai Bhagavan

Thava Suprabhaatham

Hearing Thy marvellous Story and Thy Fame that has reached the farthest horizons, earnest seekers of reality have come to this place and are waiting. We pray for a glorius daybreak, blessed by Thy Wakefulness.

Seethaa Sathee sama visuddha

Hrdambu jaathaah

Bahvanganaa kara grheetha

Supushpa haaraah

Sthunvanthi Divyanuthibhih

Phanibhushanam thwaam

Sri Sathya Sai Bhagavan

Thava Suprabhaatham

Women devotees in purity equal to Sita and Sathi (Parvati) and with hearts opening out like lotuses are singing Thy Glory through holy hymns, holding excellent flower garlands in their hands. We pray for a glorius daybreak, blessed by Thy Wakefulness.

Suprabhaathamidam punyam

Ye' pathanti dine dine

The' visanthi param dhaama

Jnana vijnaana sobhithaah

Whoever daily recites this wakening hymn will attain the highest abode, resplendent with the Supreme Intelligence as well as the Supreme Wisdom.

Mangalam Gurudevaaya

Mangalam Jnaanadaayine

Mangalam Parthivaasaaya

Mangalam Sathya Saayine

May the Divine Guru be auspicious to us. May the Bestower of Wisdom be auspicious to us. May the Lord who manifested in Parthi be auspicious to us. May Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba be auspicious to us.

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