A path of the heart

Why are we here in Taiwan?

We are here because our teacher Agni told us during a training for leaders of light centers in August 2001 that "The right place for you two is in Taiwan."

We were prepared to go wherever our teacher would send us. But what did we know about Taiwan?

Me, I knew that Taiwan is an island somewhere near the mainland of China. In Sun Ya's case, it was "Made in Taiwan" that came first to her mind. So, the first thing was to look for and find Taiwan on a world map. The first feeling we had was "Man, this is far away." Looking at it from the European continent Taiwan is faaar to the right, in the most Eastern corner of earth, then only the vast sea.

We bought travel guides, began to read, I took lessons in Chinese with a Taiwanese lady and collected information about how to found a company in Taiwan and about the visa regulations. In the same year Sun Ya was given the Akasha Chakra Essences® – these are essences which bring the complete healing potential of flowers, plants and rainbow colors onto earth – for man, all beings and earth itself.

At that time, we managed a center for yoga, meditation and Alpha Chi Feng Shui in our home town of Münster in Germany. We were determined to go and we were conscious about the fact that a completely new life was about to begin – a new language, a different culture, another climate, foreign food – everything would be different, everything new.

In 2003, we arrived in Taipei for the first time – in January, on a cold, grey, rainy day. A few days later, we went along the East coast by train, got off in small Jinlun/Taitung, breathed sea air, saw the green mountains, felt tranquility and had the feeling of being able to breathe freely, we had inside the feeling "Yes, here we are right. Here, it is good.".

The people do not appear alien to us, we see not strangers but friends. The food we like, the language is fascinating. We love the country and the people.

One more year of preparations in Germany followed, then we went back to Taiwan. We look for land on which we want to build our light center – the "Lotus Shakti Center". We know we are home here. We speak the language of the heart. The people understand us. We are no foreigners, we belong here. Everywhere there are friendly, interested, helpful people. We are welcome.

Again one year later, I look for and find a house for us in Jinlun. In the whole village there are only two vacant houses. One of those is newly built, no one lived there before, it was waiting for us to move in – spacious, light, with a view on the sea and the mountains – the right place to arrive home.

Sun Ya makes the Akasha Chakra Essences® popular mainly in Germany and Austria, trains consultants and has the brand patented in the whole Europe.

Me, I went back to Germany in order to prepare for leaving Germany, giving away everything I would no longer need in Taiwan, and returned back to Taiwan soon. Back here, I cleansed and painted the house, did Feng Shui, preparing a new home for us and the people who like to come to us, established my company in Taiwan, made contacts and gave first introductions.

Time of privation – we don't see each other for more than five months. We both do what we can do to realize our goal in order to be able to work and live here in Taiwan.

Now, in 2008, Sun Ya and me both have our own company here in Taiwan, we have two employees, a wonderful center in Jinlun, a place where one can experience heaven on earth which gives healing and blessing to earth, a nice office and center branch in Taipei, we train Akasha Chakra Essences® and Akasha Beauty cosmetic product consultants as well as Alpha Chi Consultants. More and more people love Sun Ya's energized essences and cosmetic products.

The people who attend our trainings, sessions, receive our advice, treatments and Alpha Chi Feng Shui grow in their joy, love and strength.

(Sam Yun, November 2008)

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