About Bhajan Singing


Bhajans are songs of the heart in which God in his aspects is celebrated and worshipped. We sing Bhajans in the tradition of Sai Baba, the living Avatar in India. Bhajans are mostly written in the ancient Indian language Sanskrit. The language Sanskrit uniquely serves to worship God which is why Sanskrit is also called "Language of the Light".

In Hinduism the aspects of God are embodied by deities – Krishna is happiness and lightness, Shiva male creativity, Shakti female creativity, Rama righteousness, Hanuman devotion and dedication, Lakshmi beauty, Ganesha knowledge and the power to remove obstacles, ...

The tune and the rhythm of the songs depend on the praised Godly trait. The Bhajans, devoted to Shiva and his fire of transformation, are often very dynamic and singing them enlights the inner heart fire. Krishna Bhajans are usually very elating and give inner happiness. Bhajans for the Godly Mother are often very gentle and singing them provides the feeling of comfort and love. Singing the Bhajans arouse in us the innate Godly virtues.

The structure of the Bhajan singing is simple – every Bhajan is lead by one person. This means that the leader of a Bhajan sings one line of the song and the group repeats this line. The singing of a Bhajans is subdivided in three subsequent parts.

In the first part each line is sung by the leader and repeated twice. In the second part the singing gains speed and this time, each line is sung by the leader once and repeated by everyone, only the last line is sung twice by the leader and repeated by all. Finally all sing the first line together slower and more quietly.

The Bhajan Singing begins with threefold singing of the Gayatri Mantra. The Gayatri Mantra is the essence of the Vedas, the oldest spiritual composition of mankind.

Then, the first Bhajan is a Ganesha-Bhajan. Ganesha is the God with the elephant head helping us to remove obstacles on the way to ourselves. This is followed by another five Bhajans.

Bhajans are a wonderful possibility to express ones own happiness. You can simply join a group and fall in with their singing as far as you can – practice makes perfect. The song texts are openly available. For those singing a Bhajan as a leader it is a good opportunity to learn leading a group.


In order to sing Bhajans you do not need a trained voice. Every voice coming from the heart is beautiful. With every song sung the confidence in your own voice grows and the possible timidness to express yourself by singing soon gives way to the happiness doing it. The songs are easily memorized.

We often sing Bhajans during the day. They come from the heart nearly automatically and are expressions of our love, happiness or thankfulness. Singing Bhajans helps to relax tensions, cope with the challenges of the day and to focus on God.

In our tradition six Bhajans are followed by a Kirtan. Kirtans are spiritual songs in the tradition of Babaji, Shiva’s incarnation. Kirtans are sung together by all.

The singing is usually followed by 15 minutes of quiet heart chakra meditation according to the mantra "God is Love".

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