Intern. Spiritual Teacher Training of the Golden Age (gr. 10, bl. 4)

Date: July 7, 2025 (10am-6pm)
Place: Jinlun

The Training for Spiritual Teachers in Agni's Tradition implies the union with the Divine Mother in the fire of the 9th chakra, in order to let light and love become our daily life.

This union awakens different qualities on various levels of our being. With these qualities the spiritual teacher can lovingly support and influence his environment.
The training requires the willingness to get in touch with ones true core self and to live love and leadership as well as ones own self every day independently.

Only for qualified graduates of the training for Alpha Chi Consultants. By invitation.


First Block : 2024/7/22 – 28
Second Block: 2024/11/4 – 10
Third Block: 2025/3/17 – 23
Fourth Block: 2025/7/7 – 13


Location: Lotus Shakti Center, Jinlun

For finding accommodations please click here.

For details and questions please contact Li Sha in our office:
089 772281 and 


Leading: Sun Ya

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