2011/12/17 in Shihding – Shiva Mala Arani’s golden lotus

Shiva Mala Arani – the joy of creation, overflowing joy. Healing of old pains and awakening the joy of our own creation power here on earth. Reconnecting to the divine creation power to let it flow into our life. Om Shiva Mala Arani Jay! 

Photos of the event

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Even though it was my first time to have participated in the golden lotus activity,
I was certain on that day I felt very peaceful with joy in my heart....
And I was very grateful to the beings in water.  Also, I felt and experienced that the thought of sending out good wishes was focused and unconditional love...
I am very happy that I could join this activity..
Thank God for giving me such opportunity that I could be more focused on my inner power....

Before I felt I was loaded with the heavy strength, but after these two days.... the heaviness sublimated...
Now I am leading my life more relaxingly...and I am always full of peaceful atmosphere when facing everyone...

Chiu Ling Lin


"This is a very wonderful experience!

It seemed that I did loosen up, open my heart, feel the joy, lightness, and the fine beauty in my original state, and seriously believe it without any doubt!!!

The left side of my body loosened up altogether~
But the power of my right side hasn't seemed to come out yet. XD
I still need a little more time to take care of and nourish it while I wait.

Thank you, teacher Sun Ya and teacher Sam Yun, for welcoming back the golden lotus of Shiva Mala Arani.
Thank you, all the working staff.

I love you!!!!!(SMACK SMACK SMACK~kiss~kiss)

love&joyce, Ramaji"

Ramaji Wang


"The activity this time was still wonderful. For someone who lives among electrical appliances and in the city jungle like me, the activity offered a chance to really get in touch with the nature and earth. It was like my certain original instinct was again awakened, my status of being the child of the Mother Earth once again remembered.

Shiva also has strong recoil indeed! After I came back, I felt the blazing fire in my stomach, and also, I knew at the same time some power was running. I am thankful that I get to remain self-aware through golden-lotus activities.

This year I have already participated in five golden-lotus activities, visited many places where I've never been, and deeply felt the beauty of Taiwan, all of which make me cherish the fact even more that I can live on a precious island. And in each time I open myself up to my heart and the divine energy along with the different topics corresponding to each activity. I feel very honored that together with everybody I've come from summer to winter. And spring is just around the corner! So nice!!

 ~Ciela with love"

Ciela Zeng

"dear Sam yun and Sun Ya , thank you for this sacred event. When both of you welcome the Golden Lotus to come back, I feel deep peace and relaxation. And after one hour of chanting for the mother earth,it really touched my heart when i feel the Mother Earth opens her womb and accepts the Shiva Mala Arani Golden Lotus. For me,it's so wonderful to receive the Shiva and Shakti breaths as well as the gfit from this Lotus, the Joy of creation...indeed the whole process i already feel so many joyful gifts including the tea and angels warm hugs from our group and i feel my heart was so open and filled with joy...when i come back i feel things become easier and still in the flow...The next day, Taipei is so shining and it seems to express its joy to have the Golden Lotus back!!thank you so much. Aslo give thanks to the team and for all of you who make this possible, Look forward to next Golden Lotus."

Ra Sha Wang

"The activity of welcoming Shiva Mala Arani's golden lotus has been to me the most decorative and facilitated one so far!
Several days before the activity, the staff e-mailed us, informing that we could bring some blue or white flowers to embellish the place. In that morning, we, a big group of people, drove to Shi Ding vigorously, passing the zigzag trail, and arrived in a tea plantation. The farmland just harvested was the very place where we were going to welcome the golden lotus. And the tea farmer was actually the winner of Bao-Zhong tea competition this year~ They offered free restrooms for us to use and even brought a big steaming pot of Wen-Shan Bao-Zhong and ginger tea with brown sugar for us to drink in the afternoon. Really so blissful~

The teachers first decorated the photo frame of Shiva Mala Arani with blue flowers and then made a fire, beside which we sang Bhajans. The procedure of the activity explained and the negotiation with the farmland owner done successfully, we started to prepare for the welcome golden lotus.

We had five groups of earth, water, fire, air, and angels and elves altogether that day. I, as a fire angel, chose to be in the "fire" group. After we prayed, Ciela invited me to make a request for fire angels' descending to help. To be honest, I, who had never done such things in a group, was so very nervous that I even asked Ciela if I should make the invitation personally in my heart or lead everyone. It turned out to be that I shall invite fire angels in the group. Then I asked everybody to please hold hands around the fire while closing my eyes to pray sincerely and connecting with the fire angels, my soul family. In that process I saw fire angels full of joy and energy, spreading golden light. Fire angels are full of energy and joy and love to sing. They also awaken us to our original inner joy and bring the golden light of peace. After the light of the fire angels arrived on the ground, we sang Shiva Shiva Shambo and danced around the fire, truly manifesting the energy of fire angels.

When each group was done with the preparation, I felt that the four elements of the earth, earth, water, fire, and air, were balanced!! And the beings in the nature (elves, angels, flower fairies, water spirits...) all joined and blessed this activity, too.

What followed was that the teachers blew in the Oneness breath of Shiva and Shakti for each of us and gave everyone Shiva Mala Arani's gift – a shiny black fire ball. We received it from our crown chakra, let it pass through each chakra in the body, then flow out from our root chakra, and returned the energy back to Shiva Mala Arani. The teachers said we could not keep the energy of Shiva Mala Arani in our body because it was way too strong. And indeed, when teacher Sun Ya put the energy in my crown chakra, I felt a certain numbness there. Being not very sensitive with my bodily perception, it was the first time that I experienced something in the body, so you could just imagine how strong that energy was!

Afterwards there was an hour of chanting the mantra for the earth, imploring Mother Earth to open her womb and accept the golden lotus of Shiva Mala Arani. (Yes, we had to respect the earth instead of just going ahead, doing whatever we wanted to.) This time I had the same feeling as that in welcoming Babaji's golden lotus in Mu Dan. Concentrating in the connection with the earth, I did not feel it was an hour. It seemed to me subjectively as if it had been only a bit more than ten or twenty minutes. During that process I sometimes would look up and see the surrounding mountain view. Even though it was cloudy and rainy that day, the sky above the true place for the golden lotus of Shiva Mala Arani (Fei-Tsui Reservoir) was always open and bright, making it possible for us to see the blue sky. I had the thought in my mind, "That is indeed the golden lotus~"

In the end before we finished everything there was Shakti Dhuni. Shakti Dhuni, so full of light and blessing, brings the earth, people, and beings in the nature energy and healing. I really love it so much~ I hope later I also can hold this kind of Dhuni to bring more light to people and the earth.

The big bird was hovering again in the sky when the whole activity was over. We cleaned the area, packed, had a simple celebration with red wine, and managed to leave the mountain before it got dark. I am so happy that there is a golden lotus in Taipei. The teachers said that the golden lotus of Shiva Mala Arani could reveal the layer of gauze covering Taipei. Best Wishes to this Taipei land and the people living on it having more and more light in their every day and their lives.

Love and Light to All of You!

Solana Kan

"Even though it's very cold, I feel very happy that I could come back to the Earth's embrace and do something for it.  There is this marvelous feeling around the heart chakra and the head.  Very special^^"

Aira Lin


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