2012/2/25 in Taichung – Talar’s golden lotus

Talar – the Avatar of the Buddha worlds. From Talar’s lotus we will take a gift with which we can dissolve the forgetting about yourself in all your chakras so that you can remember yourself and your heavens. Om Talar Jay! 

Thank you to e-talisman.com for the photo of the golden Buddha.


"The energy of Talar was so wavering, but we still got to steady ourselves in the end.
Very happy that we welcomed back the golden lotus of Talar for Taiwan.

I remembered memories of my own on my way home that day.
They were so real, divine, and beautiful.

I remembered my own job.
Also I recalled the mistakes I made in the job.
And I remembered, too, all the love surrounding me that had always been there!

I love the golden lotus of Talar,
which enables me to get closer to my place, to be free...
and fearless!

Love, Ramaji^^"

Ramaji Wang


"2012/02/25 the activity of welcoming the golden lotus of Talar
At this moment these feelings of being touched are once again being connected and awaken.
That day, because of the rain, teachers Sam Yun and Sun Ya had to look for the proper place again.
This time I brought along a new friend to join this golden lotus activity.
Upon congregating, there just happened to be this extra time when we could communicate with Ma Chin and several other new friends.
We also met old friends whom we hadn't contacted for a long time,
sharing with one another the joy and benefit they recently received on their spiritual paths.
I then knew that there were so many angels and guardians in their own areas all over Taiwan,
sharing messages of light, love, and heavens.
I believed even more deeply that Taiwan was not only Formosa but also the place where we could get connected to the lotus heaven.
And our participating together in this activity could bring the wonderful energy of heaven back again to Taiwan, to the Earth.

When Sam Yun told us about the white golden light and the compassionate message of Talar and our connection with Talar from the Buddha Heavens,
and we got the healing and gift from Talar through the teacher's connection,
I felt more open in my heart, having the sense of coming back Home in Heaven.
Not a lonely soul looking for the way back home anymore.

The light and compassionate blessings of Talar
spread out from Taichung to all around Taiwan, Asia, and the Earth. 

Love Ta   2012/03/06"

Ta Wang


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