2012/1/15 in Checheng – Leela’s golden lotus

Leela – the white Christ Avatar. The gift that we receive from Leela's lotus and give to the participants of this workshop helps to heal old wounds through his love of Christ and to awaken this love of Christ in our hearts again. Leela is forever love-giving and reminds us of our nature which is love. Om Leela Jay! 

Photos of the event

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"That day on the meadow with the breeze, I once again experienced this wonderful activity, feeling the beauty of Taiwan~ How lucky we are to be able to live in Taiwan, a heaven full of divine lotuses. Also, I thank Sam Yun, Sun Ya, and all the beings and friends that were there.♥


Ciela Zhen


"First thing in the morning I left for the meeting place, Checheng train station, to participate in the activity of welcoming Leela's golden lotus. The closer I got to the place, the more attracted I was to the beautiful scenery. It was sunnily clear and cool, giving out the same feeling that Leela emitted in the photo, fresh and comfortable.

During the preparation for welcoming the golden lotus, I joined the group of Jesus Arathi. We collected the tears nearby and melted them in the love and fire of Jesus. Then we together made a huge mandala, connecting to the love and support of the four spiritual helpers. I was greatly touched all along. When accepting the gift of Leela's golden lotus, I saw there was a lot of white light appearing in my inner vision. I feel very grateful in every golden lotus activity that I can have the opportunity to do something for the earth and get nourished within it.

We didn't need to walk a lot this time. We simply enjoyed this another unforgettable golden lotus in the comfortable breeze with no heavy rain, scorching sun, and cold current. I thank the two teachers, Sam Yun and Sun Ya, for welcoming back the wonderful lotus energy for Taiwan.

Love, Li Sha"

Li Sha Tan


"The activity of Leela's golden lotus taking place in January was the only one I participated in.  Luckily, the weather was fair and very comfortable.

I adored children so much that I was actually stuck and drawn to him when seeing the picture of Leela.  There was this feeling of great purity with the inner serenity and joy.

The place for the manifestation of the golden lotus that day was the meadow surrounded by trees.  Since the weather was wonderful, I got to lie face either up or down freely, sit, and roll around on the grass in the warm sunshine when chanting OM MATA OM with birds singing and chirping around, the breeze brushing through the tops of the trees.  I was like a child, lying in the arms of Mother Earth.  That was Leela's energy--being satisfied like a child and enjoying the here and now.

Nowadays when I am aware that I am losing trust and the connection with light and love, I will remember Leela and recall that piece of green grass protected by the four spiritual guides.

Love, Tara"

Tara Shia


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