2011/6/11 in Jinlun – Agni’s golden lotus

Agni’s fire of creation. Every being was once born out of fire. Remember how your soul was born out of fire. Om Agni Jay!

Photos of the event

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“It was my first time to participate in activities held by the LotusShakti Center.  I thought I just went there, Taitung, for a carefree,refreshing walk, but to my surprise, what greeted me was the most naturalactivity ever in history.  This time I really embraced Nature soundly.

In the process what moved me very much was that I realized it'd been areal long time since we last kindly treated our Mother Earth.  It was evenlike what Sam Yun said--we eliminated much of our fear of the earth.  (Sotrue!! because the location was up in the mountain, and you even needed to mowto get such a space.) And we were surrounded by all kinds of differentinsects~~

However, after about the one-hour chanting, Sam Yun said he felt thebirds and insects around were all singing with us in harmony.

And I noticed the gentle way he treats theworld.  Even if some mosquitoes and bugs took a rest on him, all he woulddo was landing his hand down gently or moving them awaycarefully.  It was a great contrast to my ferocious andresentful attitude to cockroaches or ants.  I just realized that myway of being with other lives was so disrespectful andflippant.  No wonder so many cruelties take place in the world.

Every time when I saw Sam Yun and Sun Ya, with great patience and focus,sending light and love to our hearts, with their every move so pious, I reallyhad the feeling of being healed.”

Dai Jie Wei


“I joinedfirst of the Seven Golden Lotus healing project by Sam Yun Wolfersdorf and SunYa Fischer. I feel so touched and transformed. Especiallywhen we connect with our original fire, I feel such a deep peace. I feel myrelationship with the Mother Earth and my female side is deeply healed. I feelso grateful!

Thenext day, I can feel my relationship with my husband and my child also becomemore harmonious and our communication with each other are deeper, just like themother earth, full of compassion and really 'listening" and full of love.I am so grateful. Amazing Workshop! I hope more people can join forthe rest of the Holy Lotus! Thank you Sam Yun, Sun Ya and Agni and Mother Earthand all of you!! Love and light, Ra Sha“

Ra Sha Wang

“The first holy golden lotus is connected withAgni, the fire of creation. It helped us to remember our own origin. So muchlove, light, healing, grace to us & Taiwan, Om Agni Jay! And Sun Ya guidedthe first Lotus-Shakti fire ceremony... there was so much love, happiness.Thank you lotus mother. I will attend the Dhuni ceremony tomorrow morning. Jay!After a party & wine tonight;-) now go for the nice private hot spring ♥” 

Su Ki Wang


“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful and powerful chanting for motherEarth!”



“It was a very beautifulday. While feeling the nature in the arms of the most pristine Mother Earth,I started to remember many experiences with the Earth and the firecreation. Even if the place where I sat was a bit slanting andmy certain supportive posture made me a bit uncomfortable, I felt very peacefuland content inside. I like it very much when I can offer the healinglike this for the Earth, Taiwan, and myself.” 

Ran Ra Yang


“It was a very specialexperience. Thank you, the energy of the pure golden lotus, for letting mereflect back on myself and feel the forgiving and selfless love from MotherEarth. I was like a child being completely accepted and cherished. The energyof the lotus helped me open up my love and remember my origin.”

Sirthi Zhen


“It was a very special and terrific outdoor workshop~ That day, everymelody, smell, and touch from Nature made me deeply experience my connectionwith the Earth and how close I was to her - Om Agni Jay!!!”

Ciela Zhen


“Thisis the beautiful memory from last Saturday: We were closely in touch with earthspiritually and physically, and grew our appreciation and love for thisbeautiful planet and mother earth, therefore love our life more. There arestill 6 morelotuses to come. You are welcomed to join!”



“Wonderful golden lotus healingworkshop~^_^ It was such a beautiful and blissful day!^_^”

Yava Ji


“My body is better after the holy Lotus fire and stable inner peace.Thank you very much. Love, Shila”

Shila Tian


“6/11, the day for Taiwan's first sacred goldenlotus workshop, was very touching during the process. I felt the abundantlove from the Mother Earth, feeling that so very deep connection with her andbeing nurtured... When teacher Sam Yun and Sun Ya brought the fire of creationback to us respectively, my heart was palpitating with excitement, my bodyconstantly swaying with joy, feeling very moved and peaceful also...

What's special was we spent the whole afternoonoutdoors being with the nature, making me feel I was in harmony with all beingsin the nature, and we were fusing with one another.   This is thefeeling that I don't get to experience in my daily life~  I like it verymuch~!!!!!!

I am really very grateful for the love of the MotherEarth and teacher Sam Yun & Sun Ya~!!!!!

Looking forward to the second holy lotus workshop on7/16~
Welcome more friends joining this sacred workshoptogether~~ ^^”

Sitra Hsu


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