2011/8/27 in Mudan – Babaji’s golden lotus

Babaji – incarnation of Shiva and Shakti, of the complete male and female creation power, of the divine father and divine mother. With his lotus he helps us to heal old inner wounds of our inner male and female aspects and to balance and unite Yin and Yang within us. Om Babaji Jay! 

Photos of the event

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"I was so very much touched.  Even now several days later, what had happened in the event is still lingering and fermenting in my heart.  Once again I was overwhelmed by the power and beauty of Nature.  The uninhibited rain broke through the barrier between me and the world, reminding me that I was the child of Heaven and Earth, dancing and singing in forests and beside creeks was originally such a free and comfortable matter, and it was as natural as the breathing.  It was so nice to just breathe, weep, and laugh together with the heart of the Universe! Love, Ciela"

Ciela Zhen


"My participation in this event held for welcoming  back the golden lotus energy of Babaji is significant to me.  In the meditation at the Mudan dam, with my eyes closed, I still saw a world of golden light and was filled with peace and  deep joy inside.  In the pouring rain while chanting the prayer, I experienced the power of a focused mind and even released lots of invisible fear and worry.  Life could be this light with ease and full of divinity.  I am grateful to our German teachers, Sam Yun & Sun Ya, who lead us to carry out this healing project for Taiwan, guiding the holy golden lotus energy so it can once again come to our land from Heaven!"

Ma Chin Huang


"Thank you. It's a beautiful activity. I felt the breath of the earth, the warmth of the sun, and the coolness of the rain, pouring down in torrents. Chanting, prostrating myself, praying, being with myself and the earth, full of love and peace."

Ya-Ting Chang


"In the afternoon of the ritual, the heavy rain started to pour down.  In the rain the group were chanting the mantra in order to let the lotus energy enter into Mother Earth's embrace.
Even though my little mind felt it was unbelievable, everyone, in deep surrender, began to sing in the drenching rain.  The feeling of rain disappeared.  What came instead was these feelings of the Oneness energy and the harmonious connection among all beings.

What was magical was that what originally appeared to me as an one-hour grind was subjectively felt like only 15 minutes in my heart.  I even asked a friend later on if it was really an hour.  The friend said, "Yeah, I timed it."
In other words, although in the heavy rain, I, in a raincoat, chanted for an hour, sitting up straight and properly on the stony ground, I actually felt comfortable with the fleeting sense of time.  The time just flowed away.  This was truly a tremendous flowing experience in life!

That day, Light was everywhere when I closed my eyes.  My heart, full of Love."

Mali Wang


"It was a very amazing journey.  It was sometimes bright and sunny, other times cloudy.  We've got strong wind, heavy rain, and raincoats put on and taken off suddenly.
The sky was constantly changing her color and expression while keeping us company in welcoming back the golden lotus of Babaji.  The one-hour mantra chanting for Mother Earth in the beautiful heavy rain, the sacred ritual, the powerful fire ceremony, Sam Yun and Sun Ya radiating light, the golden lotus energy of Babaji... Just so happy!!!
My heart was so open, and my happiness was unstoppable!!!  This joy seems to last forever.  Even now nine days after we welcomed back the golden lotus of Babaji, as soon as I connect with Babaji's golden lotus, the joy coming from deep down bubbles up continuously to my skin, the surface of the skin, the space where I am, so happy!!! Love and light, Aisha."

Aisha Ouyang


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