2011/9/10 in Taitung – Sai Baba’s golden lotus

Sai Baba – the perfection of God’s creation. The gift that we draw from Sai Baba’s lotus and will give to you, helps you to go in contact with your own completeness, your own wholeness which you are as a light being. Om Sai Baba Jay!

Photos of the event

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"On early Saturday morning everybody met in front of the post office.  While we waited, Teacher Sun Ya already could not wait to share with us the photo of the sunrise light of auspiciousness, which was taken at 5 o'clock in the morning.  Those three golden rays of sunshine emitted into the sky were very much like Agni's trident.  Such beautiful and powerful daybreak made me feel as if today's journey was already greatly blessed even though it had not yet started.

Although I felt so hot that I was bathed completely in sweat on the hiking journey, I did not feel it was too toilsome since every now and then we stopped for Sai BaBa Arathis, and we were companied by the bright and enchanting scenery all along the way.  One thing which impressed me deeply was that there was this little boy with physical discomfort because of a cold, and when we were preparing for the Arathi at the second stop, he turned pale, squatting down feebly on the ground.  Even though the teacher suggested that he go back to the car to rest, the little boy chose not to.  Therefore, teacher Sam Yun reached for the little boy's water bottle and sent blessings before having him drink the water.  By the time the Arathi, meditation, and the chanting were finished, the little boy had already been singing while dancing exuberantly, looking so very lively!  It might've been because of both the teacher's blessings and the little boy's taking more rest that the child restored his energy!  I witnessed the power of blessings and one's gentle company.

After arriving at the place where the golden lotus of Sai BaBa was going to be manifested, we were divided into four groups, each preparing respectively for the elemental beings of the earth, water, fire, and wind.  I was in the water group.  After our arrival at the small creek, Mali, at first, led us to hold hands and sing Om Namah Shivaya, bringing our hearts together and settling them down.  Then she asked us to feel on our own what the water needed.  Amazingly enough, everybody agreed by mere coincidence that the water needed to be purified and blessed.  Mali, then, asked us to pick up stones, sing Hallelujah to bless them, and place the stones where they were needed.  After the stones were laid, I, still wanting to sing blessings to cleanse the water, continued crouching down in the water with my hands softly in it while chanting Om Namah Shivaya and Silent Night and giving praise and thanks to the water.  Some time later, I felt all the Spirits of Water sang together, the environment brightening up in a joyful atmosphere!  It was truly a beautiful transformation; I was filled with profound appreciation.

Then we went back to the place where the golden lotus was going to be manifested.  The teachers conducted a foot-washing ritual for everyone with a view to washing off all the old constraints that hindered us from experiencing and living out our completeness.  When Teacher Sam Yun wiped my feet with the wet towel dipped in jasmin, I had this sensation of being "loose" and complete.  It was as if becoming my complete self was something easy.  I did not need to do anything to prove myself or gain anything.  I am that I am.  I am the completeness.

When it came to the breath-giving of Shiva and Shakti, under the subtle wheel of fortune I got to receive again Shiva's breath from Teacher Sun Ya after already accepting one given by Teacher Sam Yun.  At that time, I really felt my heart was so full of love!  Later on about the giving of Sai BaBa's lightball, as soon as Teacher Sun Ya came and stood by me, I felt that Sai BaBa's Love had already wrapped the two of us in.  I am really very grateful for the Love of the spiritual guide and the teacher!

A friend asked me what the events of golden lotuses were about.  At the time, I said they were about 2012, about the messages of healing the earth.  But later I believed there was a better answer.  To quote from Shamba, "Every lotus we welcome back, we get closer to the avatar, Mother earth, elementary beings, and our true selves...."  Teacher Sam Yun said that very often in these activities it was actually "people" that received the most healing since the earth, without the need of our help, had the ability to heal herself, whereas human beings instead needed lots of healing."

Solana Gan


"Since every golden lotus possesses diverse quality, accordingly they give me different feelings.  The meaning of this golden lotus is especially unique to me because her location is situated right in my mother's hometown.  I feel deeply honored to have participated in this golden lotus event, sharing the joy of the earth and people that benefit from this activity in my mother's homeland.  I have consecutively joined in the three golden lotus events, each process so full of joy, happiness, with me feeling greatly moved, blissful, and deeply thankful.  I am grateful for the withdrawn lotuses' coming back to Earth again, coming back to Taiwan, the ancient lotus realm.  Thank You, Sam Yun and Sun Ya, for taking on and carrying out this task.  Up until now we have welcomed back three golden lotuses with different golden lotus quality suffusing Taiwan, a precious island, Formosa!  Delight in and enjoy this happening!!! Love and light, Aisha"

Aisha Ouyang


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