The seven holy golden lotuses of Taiwan –

a unique one-time workshop series


A long time ago Taiwan was a lotus realm, a place where the purity and beauty of God’s creation was home on earth.During that time 7 holy golden lotuses – lotuses of light, huge in their expansion – were on earth here in Taiwan, each receiving the divine light and love of an Avatar from heaven and spreading it onto earth, nourishing and blessing earth and all the beings in Taiwan and on the whole planet.

With the breakdown of Atlantis these 7 holy golden lotuses withdrew into heaven, back to the Avatars to whom they belong because during the coming time of darkness on earth the beings would not honor this divine purity.

Now the dark age on earth is coming to an end. On the threshold of the Golden Age the lotuses are coming back, unfolding their beauty, spreading their light again, remembering the beings on earth of their divine origin and helping earth to become light again.

Agni initiated Sun Ya and me to manifest the seven holy lotuses in Taiwan again. Every event takes place only once!


How to prepare the workshop?

The workshop will be outside, in nature. Please bring the following:

- appropriate clothes: long pants, shirt with long sleeves …
- in case it rains or it is very hot: a second set of clothes
- sturdy shoes and rubber boots (to protect against snakes)
- a hat (to protect against the sun)
- sun glasses, sun lotion (if you need)
- raincoat or/and umbrella
- flashlight
- drinking bottle
- personal drinks and snacks (if you like)
- mosquito repellent
- cell phone with fully charged battery
- towel
- plastic mat (on which you can sit outside when ground is wet or hard) 

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